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Announcement Description

SHE Investments  a social enterprise that  launched  2015  in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.   We implement  Development Programs  women  micro businesses,  support  to scale  enterprises  create social  economic impact. You can learn  about SHE  our website.

Vision: A world where investment  women  developing countries  seen  opportunity, not charity.

Mission: We  women micro-small entrepreneurs  scale up  create long-term social, environmental  economic impact  people  communities.

We strive  be  leader  strong voice  the promotion  women’s empowerment;  build structures  support  enable women  lead  role models  change agents  business.

Announcement Positions

Thriive Program Manager

Exec. / Management, Research / Development, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Location: Phnom Penh
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Salary: 600 - 700

Contract: 5 days per week (40 hours)

Reporting relationship:

This  reports  to: Deputy Head  Programs

This  has  following positions reporting  it: Thriive Program Officer


SHE Investments has partnered  Thriive,  U.S.-based international NGO,  deliver  Thriive Capital Program  the first time  Cambodia.

Thriive builds prosperity  reduces poverty by helping small businesses  vulnerable global communities  create jobs  provide meaningful charity within  communities. Through  application process, businesses  selected  be part  Thriive’s innovative loan  that provides pay-it-forward financing  up  $10,000  production equipment  technical support. Through  dynamic ThriiveCapital system, loans  not repaid  cash  interest,  instead “paid forward”  business donations  basic necessities, job training,  added-income opportunities  community members  need (equivalent  value  the amount  the loan).

Thriive forms  partnership  an NGO  country  run  program  supervision  Thriive US staff. Thriive selects  new group  Thriive businesses, called  Phase, each year. The time  loan repayment  the businesses  generally 2 years, so in-country partners  managing 2 phases  businesses  once.


  • The Thriive Program  will  responsible  effective delivery  the Thriive Program  Cambodia, beginning  the pilot  (1  from June 2017).
    • Key responsibilities include:
      • Participate  training  Thriive staff 

      • Prepare  report Thriive budgets. 

      • Advertise  market Thriive  find  businesses  the next selection phase. 

      • Manage  business selection process  ensure that  best businesses  chosen  Thriive, according  the selection criteria. 

      • Help  businesses understand that Thriive  a  with many requirements, not just  loan  be repaid,  help  get started  the program.
      • Procure  purchase  new equipment  the businesses. 

      • Prepare  sign loan contracts  the businesses before  receive  new equipment. 

      • Provide  arrange  consulting classes  individual technical assistance  new businesses,  ensure that business owners participate fully. 

      • Monitor  businesses  collect required  during  after  life  their ThriiveCapital loan. 

      • Ensure that charitable repayments  effective  reduce poverty. 

      • Award  Thriive Certificate  the business owner after completion  charitable repayment  loan. 

      • Enter  required information  the Data Management System,  online  base  reporting  impacts  Thriive  each program. 

      • Provide quarterly reports  Thriive US. 

      • Begin  sustain Thriive business associations. 

      • Work  Thriive US staff closely during  activities described  this Operations Guide.


    •  Fluent Khmer language skills. The  requires  directly  Khmer small business owners.
    • High-level English language skills. All reports must  written  English,  both verbal  written communication  Thriive  the U.S. must  delivered  English.
    • Minimum 3  experience  Project Management, preferably  the field  business  economic development,  similar.
    • Experience  business management,  a demonstrated understanding  effective business models, business training,  business development.
    • Demonstrated experience  managing  and/or business budgets, preferably  a business environment (e.g. good understanding  basic business financial tools such  cash-flow forecasts, balance sheets, income statements,  budgets).
    • Demonstrated commitment  both SHE  Thriive’s Vision  Mission
    •  Successful delivery  up  10 Thriive Capital loans  small businesses  Cambodia by December 2019
    • Effective implementation  management  the Thriive  in Cambodia
    • High quality monitoring  evaluation conducted  the Thriive program, including detailed  high-quality written reports submitted  SHE’s management  the Thriive U.S. team.
    • Uphold regular  effective communication  recipients  Thriive loans,  with  Thriive U.S. team.
    • Uphold  positive culture  team environment  the SHE Office
    •  Essential
    • Bachelor Degree
  • Desirable
    • Training  a relevant field

Social Media Assistant

Assistant, Media
  • Location: Phnom Penh
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Salary: 225 - 275

Contract: 5 days per week (40 hours)

Reporting relationship:

This  reports  to: Marketing & Events Manager


  • Key responsibilities include:
    • Management  Facebook Account: Ensuring regular content  created  posted  SHE’s main Facebook account, including daily posts, creation  events, management  advertising campaigns, etc. This also includes responding  Facebook messages  a timely manner,  ensuring quick responses  communication  enquiries.
    • Management  Facebook Groups: Keeping SHE’s online community engaged by regularly posting  different groups, such  the SHE Membership Group, Mentors Group, etc. This includes keeping SHE’s online community updated  upcoming events, activities, etc.
    • Instagram Account Management: Regular posting  posts  stories  grow Instagram following  keep current followers engaged
    • Reporting: Submit  monthly report  SHE’s social media accounts, followers, engagement, etc.
    • Newsletters & Emails  SHE Database: Creation  send out  monthly newsletters, updating SHE’s database about current activities, achievements,  stories. Ensuring  database  kept up  date  new contacts  being constantly added.
    • Communications Materials: Helping  the  of communications materials, such  basic graphic design, photography,  video (training  be provided)


    •  Fluent Khmer language skills
    • Moderate - Good English language skills
    • Skills  using basic  software, such  Canva
    • Demonstrated experience  social media management (e.g. able  show  portfolio  managed accounts,  high personal social media following)
    • Demonstrated commitment  both SHE  Vision  Mission
    •  Essential
    • Bachelor Degree
    • Deep understanding  social media management, especially Facebook posting & analytics
  •  Desirable
    • Training  social media management
    • Other training, such  in basic photography  video editing skills,  be provided  the successful applicant

Application Information

Please  a Cover Letter  Resume outlining your relevant  and experience  email  in  contact  by 5pm  the closing date.

Please use  subject title “Application: Thriive Program Manager”  "Social Media Assistant).

Please note that  position  open  native Cambodian  only.


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 Support Her Enterprise Co., Ltd.