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Announcement Position

Announcement Description

  • Dynamic expert  trauma informed care  recovery
  • Globally competent, impactful  culturally sensitive leader
  • Strong programmatic  people management  

For those affected by trauma,  those  support them, Hagar  an expert  care  recovery. When healing happens  cycle  trauma stops.

We  an international non-government organisation that works  women  children  are suffering  the impact  trauma resulting  human trafficking, slavery  abuse. Hagar International delivers programmes  Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore  Afghanistan,  has  offices around  world. Our largest programme  is  Cambodia, where  position  be based.

Announcement Position

Head  Global Programmes

Execute. / Management, Rural development, Community Development, Social Work
  • Location: Phnom Penh, Travel  Provinces
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Salary: N/A

The Head  Global Programmes  lead  expanding  reach, quality  impact  our programmes globally. Reporting  the Hagar International Chief Executive Officer, you  sit  the Group Executive Team  play  active leadership  in  complex global organisation. You  set  strategic direction  the Global Programmes  well  play  role  informing  influencing  priorities  major donors. You  provide intellectual leadership, strategy development, planning  innovation across  countries  which Hagar International operates,  work  others  strengthen our capabilities.

You  be  expert  trauma informed care  recovery  a passion  making  difference  the lives  some  the world’s most vulnerable women  children. The  requires  collaborative  impactful leader  a solid understanding  the current global trends  international development, trauma after-care, social change  experience developing  implementing  and emergency responses globally. You  require strategic  change leadership; experience managing  complex, multicultural  geographically dispersed team;  have  ability  influence without imposing structural authority. In addition, you  have  personal presence, advocacy  influencing  to inspire  engage  a wide range  stakeholders,  the proven ability  think  act strategically  mobilise  for Hagar’s vision  communities free  healed  the trauma  human trafficking, slavery  abuse.


  • Strategic Leadership:
    • Provide leadership  overall coordination  the design, implementation, monitoring  evaluation  Hagar International’s programmes  trauma services;
    • Ensure that consideration  women  children’s rights  well-being  dominant  all operational decisions;
    • Lead  re-focusing  Hagar International programmes  outlined  the current  future Strategic Plans;
    • Ensure that programme activity  consistent  Hagar International’s established programme approach, principles, policies  values;
    • Ensure that programme activity has strong focus  effectiveness  impact  continued implementation  PERML (Programme Evaluation Research Monitoring & Learning),
    • Maintain  improve  efficiencies  established systems, processes  frameworks,  facilitate  provision  technical assistance that enables Hagar’s Country Offices  deliver quality programmes;
    • Manage  support  Country Directors  programme  managerial matters;
    • Review  and determine priorities  future programme  including making  recommendations  the CEO  Board regarding Hagar’s programme approach, innovative strategies, technical focus, countries  operation, etc.
  • Programme Management:
    • Engage  programme leaders across Hagar’s global  to develop  global programme, improve  sharing  resources  contribute  a shared philosophy;
    • Manage, implement  continually improve systems  processes that monitor,  and add value  the programme activity across  organisation;
    • Ensure that appropriate  accountability mechanisms  in place across  organisation  our partners.
    • Identify  pursue major grant opportunities  conjunction  the Head  Communications Campaigns, Country Directors  other senior managers;
    • Strengthen connections  key external stakeholders.
    • Act  spokesperson  the organisation,  agreed  the CEO,  operational issues especially  relation  trauma-informed care, case management, client-centred care  educational campaigns.
  • People Management:
    • Help foster  dynamic organisational culture  strong team cohesion amongst  Hagar International staff;
    • Provide direct support, regular supervision  annual review  work  for staff under direct report;
    • Ensure regular opportunities  two-way feedback,  development, coaching  mentoring;
    • Ensure that human resource policies  practices  followed  that Hagar’s Code  Conduct  adhered to.
  • Financial  risk management:
    • Develop  conjunction  the Chief Financial  (CFO)  annual budget  Global Programme operations, supporting Country Directors  the preparation  their annual budgets;
    • Monitor programme income  expenditure against budget throughout  year;
    • Ensure that there  effective liaison  donors  administration of,  reporting on, grants;
    • Implement risk management strategies that respond  current  anticipated risks  programme operations.
  • Reporting  compliance:
    • Be accountable  the CEO  regard  all aspects  the role;
    • Report  Programme  to  Hagar International Board  required, including written report  attendance  quarterly Board meetings;
    • Participate  a member  the Global Executive Leadership Team  developing integration  activities  other areas  contribute  the overall strategy, administration  management  the organisation;
    • Ensure that reports  provided  donors  required.
    • Maintain policies  procedures  regularly review policies  procedures (relevant  programme operations)  ensure compliance  external accreditation requirements, regulations, Codes  Conduct  other relevant guidelines.
  • Reputation  key relationships:
    • Promote Hagar International  experts  trauma care  recovery;
    • Foster  develop collaborative  productive relationships across  organisation  in particular  the COO, Board  Group Executive Team;
    • Liaise  the COO, Board  Group Executive Team, providing advice  support  required,  ensure  are appropriately informed  their roles;
    • Build  maintain effective  relationships  external stakeholders, including relevant agencies  authorities,  current  potential donors;
    • Represent Hagar  an international organisation committed  providing quality, value-driven care  support  survivors  abuse  exploitation.
  • Any other duties  required


  • Essential:
    • Tertiary qualifications  a relevant discipline, preferably  post-graduate level;
    • Substantial experience  leading  design  implementation  programmes providing trauma aftercare  victims  slavery, trafficking  abuse;
    • Significant experience  in  developing country  a country  regional director,  equivalent;
    • Experience  the coordination  delivery  care  recovery response;
    • Demonstrated commitment  women  children’s rights  experience  client-centred development programmes;
    • Current, in-depth knowledge  psychosocial issues, trends  practices  to trauma-informed care  case management;
    • Substantial senior management  executive level experience  staff management and
    • leadership;
    • Demonstrated experience  grants  and management;
    • Experience  negotiating  government, multi-lateral  non-government agencies;  international donors.
    • Flexibility  the ability  lead change.
    • Willingness  be  in  with  ability  travel internationally  required
  • Desirable:
    • Technical specialisation  international development  women  children’s rights programmes, education  child protection.

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Click HERE  the Job Description outlining  job responsibilities  the key selection criteria  be addressed  your application.

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Hagar International Foundation  an equal  Organization. Women  Disabled people  strongly encouraged  apply.

The deadline  on 21st January 2019.




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