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ឥឡូវនេះ​​មាន​រូប​រាង្គ​ដ៏ថ្មី​ស្រឡាង។​លឿនជាង​មុន​ងាយ​ស្រួល​ប្រើ​ជាង​មុន​និង​មើល​ទៅ​កាន់​តែ​អស្ចារ្យ!! សូម​ចុច​ត្រង់​នេះ​ដើម្បី​ទៅកាន់​រូបរាង្គ​ថ្មី។ has a brand new interface. It is faster, easier and looks great!! CLICK HERE to go there now.
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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
80756 Various Positions IDP Education (Cambodia) Limited 9-Sep-2019  Computer - General, Customer Service/Support, Educate/Train/Teaching, Home Help/Labour, Security, Computer - Programming, Website - Development  
80636 Site Manager
Spacelogic International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 16-Sep-2019  Exec. / Management, Architecture, Arts / Graphic Design  
80219 Various Positions Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC. 30-Aug-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Computer - General, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Economics, Banking / Finance  
80218 Various Positions Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC. 30-Aug-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Computer - General, Educate/Train/Teaching, Exec. / Management, Media, Sales / Marketing, Analyst / Assessment, Law, Communications, HR, Economics, Banking / Finance  
80753 Corporate Manager Prevoir (Kampuchea) Micro Life Insurance Plc (PKMI) 21-Sep-2019  Exec. / Management, Banking / Finance  
80148 Sales
Gold Tower 29-Aug-2019  Sales / Marketing  
80717 Quantity Surveyor AA Interiors Cambodia Ltd 20-Sep-2019  Engineer - Civil  
80707 Communications Officer Jesse Lee Orndorff Co., LTD 20-Sep-2019  Sales / Marketing, Communications  
80705 Deputy Team Leader Branch of CowaterSogema International Inc. 6-Sep-2019  Exec. / Management  
80678 Project Manager Secretary Branch of Vinci Construction Grands Projets S.A.S 19-Sep-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management  
80669 Various Positions Kampuchea Food Corporation Co., Ltd (KFC) 19-Sep-2019  Assistant, Catering, Customer Service/Support, Health/Medical, Home Help/Labour, Hotel/Restaurant, Banking / Finance, Quality Control, Maintenance  
80658 Production Planning & Logistics, Factory Admin, and Data Entry Rohto Mentholatum (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 19-Sep-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Computer - General, Logistics  
80610 Various Positions Socfin-KCD 15-Sep-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Computer - General, Exec. / Management, Health/Medical, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Resources & Environment, Agriculture - Agronomy  
80583 HR Assistant, និង អ្នក​លក់​សាំង CAMDIS Co., Ltd. (Cambodienne de Distribution) 14-Sep-2019  Assistant, Sales / Marketing, HR  
80567 Engineer, and Sales Executive Branch of CAST Laboratories Pte Ltd. 14-Sep-2019  Sales / Marketing, Engineer - Civil  
80533 អ្នក​សម្របសម្រួល​ផ្នែក​លក់ ATEC Biodigesters International 13-Sep-2019  Sales / Marketing  
80518 Call Centre Manager ATEC Biodigesters International 31-Aug-2019  Customer Service/Support, Exec. / Management  
80486 Account Payable, and Product Executive Rohto Mentholatum (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 12-Sep-2019  Accounting, Health/Medical, Sales / Marketing, Banking / Finance  
80479 អ្នកផ្តល់ប្រឹក្សាធានារ៉ាប់រង, and Legal Officer Prevoir (Kampuchea) Micro Life Insurance Plc (PKMI) 30-Aug-2019  Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Law  
80445 Administration Executive, and Senior Account Manager (Sales) Maersk (Cambodia) ltd. 9-Sep-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Economics, Logistics  
80431 Nutrition and Scientific Affairs Manager Representative Office of Nestle (Thai) Ltd. 23-Aug-2019  Exec. / Management, Health/Medical  
80413 Data Scientist Mekong Big Data 8-Sep-2019  Computer - General, Computer - Programming, Economics  
80400 Data Architect Mekong Big Data 7-Sep-2019  Analyst / Assessment, Architecture  
80391 Sales Manager, and Sales Promoter East-West Seed (Cambodia) Company Limited 7-Sep-2019  Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Agriculture - Agronomy  
80385 ចុងភៅ
Work the World 31-Aug-2019  Catering  
80361 អ្នក​តំណាង​លក់, និង ប្រធានផ្នែកលក់ Chharamin Company Ltd 6-Sep-2019  Sales / Marketing  
80325 Purchasing Officer Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Co., Ltd 5-Sep-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory  
80304 គ្រូ​អប់រំ​កសិករ​វៃ​ឆ្លាត ATEC Biodigesters International 23-Aug-2019  Sales / Marketing  
80275 Market Development Officer DuPont (Cambodia) Company Ltd 2-Sep-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Research / Development, Sales / Marketing, Agriculture - Agronomy  
80263 Store Supervisor, and Barista Starbucks Cambodia (Cambodia) 2-Sep-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Catering, Customer Service/Support, Exec. / Management, Hotel/Restaurant, Sales / Marketing  
80261 Nurse CIOMAL Cambodia 2-Sep-2019  Health/Medical  
80250 Maintenance Manager Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Co., Ltd 31-Aug-2019  Exec. / Management, Maintenance  
80241 Club Card Intern Total Cambodge 30-Aug-2019  Internship  
80240 Talent Developer
Total Cambodge 30-Aug-2019  Educate/Train/Teaching, Exec. / Management, Social Work, Capacity development, HR  
80239 Manager, Accounting and Taxation Total Cambodge 30-Aug-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management  
80238 Internal Audit & Control Assistant Total Cambodge 30-Aug-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant  
80231 បុគ្គលិក​បំរើ​សេវាកម្ម​អតិថិជន, និង មន្ត្រី​គ្រប់គ្រង​ទិន្នន័យ ATEC Biodigesters International 31-Aug-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Computer - General, Customer Service/Support, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Banking / Finance  
80230 Accounting and Finance Manager Branch of Thai-Japan Gas Co., Ltd 31-Aug-2019  Accounting, Exec. / Management, Banking / Finance  
80144 Various Positions Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation 29-Aug-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Economics, Construction, Advisory, Operations Management, Engineer - Chemical, Engineer - Civil, Engineer - Electrical  
80138 អ្នក​សម្របសម្រួល​សហគមន៍ ATEC Biodigesters International 29-Aug-2019  Sales / Marketing, Rural development, Community Development, Social Work  
80130 HR Associate Director, and IT Associate Director Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Co., Ltd 29-Aug-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Computer - General, Exec. / Management, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, HR  
80108 Accountant Officer Indochina Partner Travel Co.,Ltd. 26-Aug-2019  Accounting  
80104 Various Positions PANTOS Logistics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd 26-Aug-2019  Accounting, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Shipping / Import / Export, Internship, Banking / Finance, Operations Management  
80095 Junior Client Accountant VDB Loi Limited 25-Aug-2019  Accounting  
80094 Architect Scazma (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 25-Aug-2019  Architecture  
80091 Admin and Finance Officer (Urgent) Open Sources Technology Co., Ltd. 25-Aug-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Banking / Finance  
80066 Agronomist, Administrator, and Accounting Supervisor TWPC Investment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (TWPC) 24-Aug-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Agriculture - Agronomy  
80051 Operation, Accountant, and Courier Tran Speed Cargo Private Limited (Cambodia) 24-Aug-2019  Accounting, Computer - General, Driving/Transport, Banking / Finance, Logistics, Operations Management  
80028 Various Positions Rohto Mentholatum (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 23-Aug-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Health/Medical, Sales / Marketing, Law, Fashion / Model / Beauty, Advisory, Banking / Finance, Quality Control, Logistics  
80027 Auditor/Inspector (Safety Mark Product) Advantage Co., Ltd. 23-Aug-2019  Exec. / Management, Manufacture / Operations, Quality Control  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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