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ឥឡូវនេះ​​មាន​រូប​រាង្គ​ដ៏ថ្មី​ស្រឡាង។​លឿនជាង​មុន​ងាយ​ស្រួល​ប្រើ​ជាង​មុន​និង​មើល​ទៅ​កាន់​តែ​អស្ចារ្យ!! សូម​ចុច​ត្រង់​នេះ​ដើម្បី​ទៅកាន់​រូបរាង្គ​ថ្មី។ has a brand new interface. It is faster, easier and looks great!! CLICK HERE to go there now.
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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
78244 Deputy Head, Credit Administration and Collection, Manager, System Analysis, and Officer, Payment PRINCE BANK PLC. 8-Jun-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management, Analyst / Assessment  
78479 Program Manager (Urgent) Learning Vision Co,. Ltd. 31-May-2019  Exec. / Management, Capacity development  
77854 Accounting Assistant Apsara Tours Co., Ltd. (Apsara) 23-May-2019  Accounting, Assistant, Banking / Finance  
78453 Sales Engineering, Customer Service Officer, and Operator CPAC Cambodia Co., Ltd. 21-Jun-2019  Customer Service/Support, Sales / Marketing, Engineer - Civil  
78450 Various Positions Mega Leasing PLc. 31-May-2019  Accounting, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, HR, Banking / Finance  
78433 Various Positions Yong Sheng Global Trading Co., Ltd. 21-Jun-2019  Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Internship, Engineer - Electrical  
78430 Marketing Officers Kampong Chomlong Water Supply 21-Jun-2019  Sales / Marketing  
78405 Travel Consultant ICS Travel Group (IS-Cambodia) 15-Jun-2019  Customer Service/Support, Tourism, Communications  
78402 Finance & Administration Assistant, and Driver - Caretaker Azisafe Co., Ltd 18-Jun-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Driving/Transport, Banking / Finance  
78394 Paralegal KCP (Cambodia) Ltd. 17-Jun-2019  Law  
78387 Secretary Agrovet 17-Jun-2019  Assistant, Exec. / Management  
78386 Graphic Designer, HR Supervisor, Assistant Operations Manager, និង អ្នក​ធ្វើ​ភេសជ្ជៈ Star Food Enterprises 17-Jun-2019  Assistant, Catering, Exec. / Management, HR, Arts / Graphic Design, Operations Management  
78382 Administration/Finance Officer First Step Cambodia 17-Jun-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Banking / Finance  
78380 Accounting Staff Scan Global Logistics Co., Ltd. 17-Jun-2019  Accounting, Banking / Finance  
78340 Research Executive- Quantitative Indochina Research (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (IRL) 31-May-2019  Research / Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Work  
78333 Internal Audit Executive City Microfinance Plc., 15-Jun-2019  Accounting, Banking / Finance  
78331 Program Manager, Finance Assistant, and Administration & HR Assistant Support Her Enterprise Co., Ltd. 15-Jun-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Exec. / Management, Capacity development, HR, Banking / Finance  
78318 Various Positions TSNR Group 30-May-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Banking / Finance  
78296 Various Positions (Urgent) Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. 10-Jun-2019  Accounting, Assistant, Customer Service/Support, Law, HR, Economics, Banking / Finance  
78295 Various Positions Trans Star Freight Pte., Ltd 10-Jun-2019  Accounting, Assistant, Sales / Marketing, Logistics, Operations Management  
78293 Grants and Subcontracts Manager REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE OF ARD, INC 31-May-2019  Exec. / Management, Capacity development  
78278 Training Support Officer Sociaven Co., Ltd. 9-Jun-2019  Educate/Train/Teaching  
78269 Production Manager HSC Co., Ltd 8-Jun-2019  Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing  
78220 Administration Officer, and Sales Executive SMCS Risk Ltd. 8-Jun-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Sales / Marketing  
78211 Sales Executives ASIACOM 8-Jun-2019  Sales / Marketing  
78167 Marketing & Sales Representative, and Field Promoter Agrotech Vita Co., Ltd 6-Jun-2019  Sales / Marketing, Agriculture - Agronomy  
78155 Customer Service Coordinator, Document Processing Coordinator, and Interns Panalpina World Transport (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 31-May-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Customer Service/Support, Exec. / Management, Shipping / Import / Export, Internship  
78152 Various Positions Hang Meas 31-May-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Computer - General, Exec. / Management, Media, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Entertainment, Communications, Arts / Graphic Design  
78132 Tax Officer Hang Meas HDTV 6-Jun-2019  Accounting, Banking / Finance  
78107 Marketing Executive Kiri Farms Pepper 3-Jun-2019  Media, Sales / Marketing  
78081 Various Positions Bodia Spa 3-Jun-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Computer - General, Customer Service/Support, Exec. / Management, Health/Medical, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, HR, Arts / Graphic Design  
78078 Various Positions G Gear Co., Ltd. 31-May-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Banking / Finance, Operations Management  
78074 Accountant Asia Flour Mill Corporation Co., Ltd. (AFMC) 3-Jun-2019  Accounting  
78060 MAS Coordinator, Accountant, and Liner Documentation & Customer Service Branch of Ben Line Agencies (Cambodia) 2-Jun-2019  Accounting, Customer Service/Support, Shipping / Import / Export, Logistics, Operations Management  
78054 Various Positions KOFI Co., Ltd. 2-Jun-2019  Assistant, Computer - General, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Arts / Graphic Design  
78052 Sea Freight Operations
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Cambodia) LLC 1-Jun-2019  Shipping / Import / Export, Operations Management  
78051 Finance & Administration Supervisor, and Field Operations & Training Officer
Azisafe Co., Ltd 31-May-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Educate/Train/Teaching  
77994 Navigation Technician, Communication Technician, AIS Officer, and IT Support Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. (CATS) 29-May-2019  Accounting, Admin / Supervisory, Computer - General, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Communications, Engineer - Electrical  
77991 Branch Manager, Supervisor, and Receptionist/Cashier Champei Spa 29-May-2019  Accounting, Exec. / Management, Communications, Fashion / Model / Beauty  
77959 មន្ត្រី​ឥណទាន, and IT Officer (Urgent) BORRIBO MICROFINANCE INSTITUTION PLC 26-May-2019  Computer - General, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Banking / Finance  
77946 Corporate Communications Officer, and Graphic Designer ISI GROUP 26-May-2019  Communications, Arts / Graphic Design  
77929 Admin Supervisor, Operation, and QC Manager KP Industries Co. Ltd. (Cement, Concrete, Roof tile, and Steel) 25-May-2019  Admin / Supervisory, Exec. / Management, Manufacture / Operations, Quality Control  
77922 Various Positions HSC Co., Ltd 25-May-2019  Accounting, Exec. / Management, Banking / Finance  
77917 Various Positions Chip Mong Group Co., Ltd. 25-May-2019  Accounting, Computer - General, Educate/Train/Teaching, Exec. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, HR, Banking / Finance, Engineer - Civil  
77887 Sales Executive, Marketing Strategist/ Planner, and Sales Assistance NOVA (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. 24-May-2019  Sales / Marketing  
77885 Claim Executive for Medical (Urgent) Cambodia - Vietnam Insurance Plc., (CVI) 24-May-2019  Exec. / Management, Health/Medical  
77838 បុគ្គលិក​ផ្នែក​តំណាង​លក់​ផ្ទាល់, និង បុគ្គលិក​ផ្នែក​លក់​ក្នុង​ហាង
SUNHOUR GROUP 23-May-2019  Sales / Marketing  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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