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ឥឡូវនេះ​​មាន​រូប​រាង្គ​ដ៏ថ្មី​ស្រឡាង។​លឿនជាង​មុន​ងាយ​ស្រួល​ប្រើ​ជាង​មុន​និង​មើល​ទៅ​កាន់​តែ​អស្ចារ្យ!! សូម​ចុច​ត្រង់​នេះ​ដើម្បី​ទៅកាន់​រូបរាង្គ​ថ្មី។ has a brand new interface. It is faster, easier and looks great!! CLICK HERE to go there now.
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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
70779 Consultant Expert on Gender and Corporate Social Responsibility with Familiarity of the Garment Industry The Asia Foundation (TAF) 2-Jul-2018  Consultancy, Law, Social Work  
70771 Media Project Manager, Community Project Officer, and Media Intern Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) 6-Jul-2018  Computer - General, Execute. / Management, Media, Law, Advocacy, Community Development, Communications, Internship  
70770 Laboratory Quality Assurance Program Assistant National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) 29-Jun-2018  Assistant, Health/Medical, Laboratory Work  
70769 Internship Mith Samlanh 20-Jul-2018  Internship  
70768 Monitoring and Learning Officer, and Commune Support Officer (CSO) Humanity & Inclusion 28-Jun-2018  Execute. / Management, Research / Development, Rural development, Community Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Work  
70752 Lighting Operator BBC Media Action 30-Jun-2018  Media, Other  
70741 Internship – Communication & Marketing – Business Development & Partnerships Unit Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO) 6-Jul-2018  Sales / Marketing, Communications, Internship  
70737 Photogrphy Woorkshop: Train the Trainer (ToT) for Beginners Staff Photos & Stock Photography (Environment) Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW) 3-Jul-2018  Computer - General, Arts / Graphic Design, Training / Workshops  
70735 Finance Intern Population Services International Cambodia (PSI) 3-Jul-2018  Accounting / Finance, Business Administration, Internship  
70727 Development Innovations – ICT Project Scale Up Fund DAI Global, LLC 19-Jul-2018  Expression of Interest  
70720 Intern Business Development and Communications Support, and Intern Media and Communication Intern SNV Netherlands Development Organisation 26-Jun-2018  Media, Business Administration, Communications, Internship  
70719 Development of Partnering to Save Lives (PSL) Final Report Partnering to Save Lives (PSL) 29-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Other  
70706 Finance Intern Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) 30-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Internship  
70704 External Evaluator Center for Alliance of Labor and Human Rights (CENTRAL) 25-Jun-2018  Research / Development, Monitoring & Evaluation  
70692 Tender Notice: Broadcasting TV Spots for Nourish Project Save the Children 10-Jul-2018  Invitation for Bids  
70691 Invitation to Bid: Construction of 04 Community Based ECCD Floating Centers Save the Children 15-Jul-2018  Invitation for Bids  
70675 Various Positions Save the Children 29-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Educate/Train/Teaching, Research / Development, Monitoring & Evaluation  
70667 Comparative Review of Legislation and Frameworks Consultancy ActionAid 27-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Resources & Environment  
70666 Trainer for Watershed and Integrated Water Resources Management Consultancy ActionAid 27-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Execute. / Management, Resources & Environment  
70652 Request for Expresstions of Interest on Behalf of The National AIDS Authority (NAA) To Develop A Training Manual To Be Use With Local Authotities and Police National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD (NCHADS) 29-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Social Work, Communications  
70648 សេចក្ដីប្រកាសដេញថ្លៃ លើការផ្គត់ផ្គង់សម្ភារៈសំណង់ និងធ្វើប្រព័ន្ធលូ Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) 29-Jun-2018  Invitation for Bids  
70647 Various Positions Great Peace Cambodia (GPC) 23-Jun-2018  Assistant, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Rural development, Community Development, Social Work, Internship  
70646 Invitation to Bid World Vision International 25-Jun-2018  Invitation for Bids  
70632 Intern – Finance and Admin Save the Children 27-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Admin / Supervisory, Business Administration, Internship  
70617 IT EOD Officer, MIS Unit Manager, Senior Credit Assessment Officer, and Trainee Ly Hour Microfinance Institution Plc. 26-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Computer - General, Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming  
70615 Sustainable Water Partnership Cambodia Water Security Improvement Activity (SWP Cambodia) Consultant: WASH Winrock International 21-Jun-2018  Other  
70614 Sustainable Water Partnership Cambodia Water Security Improvement Activity (SWP Cambodia) Consultant: Industrial Pollution Winrock International 21-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Resources & Environment  
70601 Various Position Population Services International Cambodia (PSI) 25-Jun-2018  Assistant, Computer - General, Computer - Programming, Communications, Arts / Graphic Design, Internship  
70583 Consultancy for Development and implementation of a communications plan World Health Organization (WHO) 12-Jul-2018  Consultancy  
70573 Resource Mobilization Specialist, Family Care First Project, and Project Documentation Officer Save the Children 21-Jun-2018  Sales / Marketing, Other, Business Administration, Translation / Interpretation, Communications  
70556 Application & Development Manager, Risk and Compliance Intern, and Branch Credit Admin Officer KREDIT MFI 11-Jul-2018  Accounting / Finance, Computer - General, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Law, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Internship, Economics  
70523 Call for Quotations - Vehicle for Project Funded by European Commission VVOB Cambodia 7-Jul-2018  Call for Proposals  
70506 Conducting 3 Tracer Studies on the Graduates of the Skills Development Programme (SDP) Swisscontact Cambodia 22-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Community Development, Monitoring & Evaluation  
70502 Senior Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Officer, and Human Resource Intern (Re-Announcement) CARE Cambodia (CARE) 8-Jul-2018  Admin / Supervisory, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, HR, Internship  
70488 Project Coordinator National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) 22-Jun-2018  Execute. / Management, Health/Medical, Research / Development, Monitoring & Evaluation  
70486 Consultancy on FDI in Agribusiness Oxfam 21-Jun-2018  Agriculture, Consultancy  
70478 Business Integrity Programme Intern Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) 21-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Business Administration, Law, Internship  
70475 Assistant Director, and Volunteer Enfants d'Asie 30-Jun-2018  Assistant, Execute. / Management, Other, Business Administration, Social Work, Volunteer  
70450 Invitation to Bid for Design and Install Hygiene and Sanitation Save the Children 7-Jul-2018  Invitation for Bids  
70435 ប្រកាសដេញថ្លៃ​លើ សេវាកម្ម ជួលរថយន្ត ប្រចាំឆ្នាំ​ SNV Netherlands Development Organisation 6-Jul-2018  Invitation for Bids  
70422 Protecting Children through System Strengthening and Evidence (PraCTiSE) Cost Effectiveness Analysis Stage 1 Save the Children 27-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Community Development, Social Work, Economics  
70369 The Consultant(s) for the Development of New Programme Framework ActionAid 5-Jul-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Economics  
70364 Financial Management Trainer Phnom Srey Organization for Development (PSOD) 30-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Educate/Train/Teaching  
70361 Request for Interest Branch of ABT Associates Inc. 30-Jun-2018  Expression of Interest  
70290 Sale Executive, Accounting Staff, Assistant to Operation Manager, Operation Executive, and Operation Staff Intern PANTOS Logistics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd 30-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Assistant, Manufacture / Operations, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Internship  
70273 Volunteer Coordinator
Projects Abroad Cambodia 30-Jun-2018  Execute. / Management, Other, Volunteer  
70267 Khmer ↔ English translators, Khmer ↔ Chinese translators, Receptionists or Translators Alternatively, and Other Freelance Translators and Interpreters The Perfect Translation Services 30-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Business Administration, Translation / Interpretation  
70204 Various Positions Manulife (Cambodia) PLC 28-Jun-2018  Accounting / Finance, Computer - General, Customer Service/Support, Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Media, Sales / Marketing, Other, Business Administration, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Communications, Capacity development, Arts / Graphic Design, Internship  
70149 Paid Volunteers for Summer Camps 2018 Pour un Sourire d Enfant (PSE) 25-Jun-2018  Volunteer  
70136 Designing and Mainstreaming We World’s Child Right Based Approach and Child Protection Methodology, Including CP Tools Revision and Staff Training (Re-Advertisment) We World Onlus Cambodia 24-Jun-2018  Consultancy, Research / Development, Child Protection  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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