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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
56104 Various Positions Eduinvest International Co.,Ltd. 24-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Assistant, Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Health/Medical, Business Administration  
55689 Community Educator and Driver Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC) 30-Jun-2016  Driving/Transport, Educate/Train/Teaching, Social Work, Communications  
56057 Native English Teacher (Nursery and Kindergarten) (Urgent) Western University Plc 1-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching  
56051 Admin & Finance Officer and Teacher of English Sunrise Cambodia 4-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Educate/Train/Teaching  
56043 Lecturer Interior Design Raffles International College (Cambodia) Limited 22-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Other  
56041 Various Positions CIA FIRST International School (CIA)   Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Other, Business Administration, Laboratory Work  
56037 Restaurant Manager, Seller & Cashier and Packager​ & Diliveryman Natural Agri-Product (NAP) 18-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management, Hotel/Restaurant, Sales / Marketing, Tourism  
56004 Receptionist Physiotherapy Phnom Penh 21-Jul-2016  Customer Service/Support, Communications  
55993 Cambodian Assistant Natural Heritage Institute 21-Jul-2016  Assistant, Other  
55926 Sales and Marketing and អ្នកដឹកជញ្ជូន(អ្នកដឹកឥវ៉ាន់តាមម៉ូតូ) KH Transportation Express Co.,Ltd 30-Jun-2016  Driving/Transport, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration  
55891 Medical Doctor (Urgent) Grandis Timber Limited 28-Jun-2016  Health/Medical  
55887 Accounts and Admin Assistants TIC Ltd 15-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Business Administration  
55810 បុគ្គលិកបម្រើសេវាកម្មអតិថិជន Customer service (Urgent) Easy Money PLC 13-Jul-2016  Customer Service/Support  
55786 បុគ្គលិកអនាម័យ Cambodian Living Arts 10-Jul-2016  Other  
55746 Various Positions Hops Brewery Restaurant (SE GLOBE) 9-Jul-2016  Accounting / Finance, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Execute. / Management, Hotel/Restaurant, Other  
55721 Lecturers of Hospitality and Tourism Life University 8-Jul-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Tourism  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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