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ឥឡូវនេះ​​មាន​រូប​រាង្គ​ដ៏ថ្មី​ស្រឡាង។​លឿនជាង​មុន​ងាយ​ស្រួល​ប្រើ​ជាង​មុន​និង​មើល​ទៅ​កាន់​តែ​អស្ចារ្យ!! សូម​ចុច​ត្រង់​នេះ​ដើម្បី​ទៅកាន់​រូបរាង្គ​ថ្មី។ has a brand new interface. It is faster, easier and looks great!! CLICK HERE to go there now.
3S Rivers Protection Network
5P Up2Date Co., Ltd.
A A Product Pharma Co., Ltd
A. C. Investment Co., Ltd.
A.I.M.S (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Absolute Tours (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Abundant Import & Export Co., Ltd
ACR/Caritas Australia
Action for Rural Economic Development of Cambodia
AdAsia (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd
Advantage Property Services Co., Ltd.
Adventist Development and Relief Agency Cambodia
Advocacy and Policy Institute
Agape International Missions
Agribuddy Co., LTD.
Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE) Secretariat
Agrimaster Co., Ltd.
All Dreams (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.
All Solutions Cambodia Co., Ltd
Alliance Pharma Cambodge
AMC Company Co., Ltd.
American Center for International Labor Solidarity
American Friends Service Committee
AMK Microfinance Institution Plc
Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity
Angkor Green Investment and Development (AGID) Co., Ltd
Angkor Harvest Co., Ltd.
Angkor Hospital for Children
Animal Rescue Cambodia
Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd
Appletree International School
Aqua Expeditions( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd.
AR Build (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Arbitration Council Foundation
ASEAN-Australia Counter Trafficking
Assist Mekong Co., Ltd.
Atalian Global Services (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
ATEC Biodigesters International
AWJ Cam Investment Co., Ltd.
Azisafe Co., Ltd
Baby Brid Company Ltd
BBC Media Action
Best & Elite Corporation
Blu's Boba
Bluebird International Education Co., Ltd
BMEA International School
Bodia Spa
Bomnong L'or
Booyoung Khmer Bank
Botanical Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
Branch of Agile Development Group Pty Ltd
Branch of ABT Associates Inc.
Branch of ARD INC
Branch of Industrial Bank of Korea "Phnom Penh"
Branch of Juki Singapore Pte Ltd.
Branch of Meiho Engineering Inc
Branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., LTD.,
BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc.
Bright Victory Mekong Petroleum Import-Export Co., Ltd.
British Embassy Phnom Penh
Brocon Investment Co., Ltd.
Building an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Development (BESD) Project
Bun & Associates
C.H. World Travel
C.T.E.C Company Limited
Cai Lan Oils & Fats Industries Company Ltd-Hiep Phuoc ,Ho Chi Minh City Branch.
Cambocon Development Co., Ltd.
Cambodia - Vietnam Insurance Plc.,
Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd (Coca-Cola)
Cambodia Brewery Limited
Cambodia Climate Change Alliance
Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center
Cambodian Center for Independent Media
Cambodian Children's Fund
Cambodian Children’s Trust
Cambodian Health Committee
Cambodian HIV/AIDS Education and Care
Cambodian Institute for Research and Rural Development
Cambodian Living Arts
Cambodian Public Bank
Cambodian Women for Peace and Development
Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center
CAMDIS Co., Ltd. (Cambodienne de Distribution)
CamEd Institute
CamProf Services Co., Ltd.
CARE Cambodia
Cargoport (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Caritas Cambodia
Center for Alliance of Labor and Human Rights
Century 21 Cambodia
CF Service Cooperate Co., Ltd.
Chab Dai Coalition
Chemonics Cambodia Co., LTD
Chevron (Cambodia) Limited
Chharamin Company Ltd
Chhay Sambath Kong Co., Ltd.
Chhouk Sar Association
Chhour Y Seng Clinic
ChildFund Cambodia
Children in Families
Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation
CHO RAY Phnom Penh Hospital
CIA FIRST International School
CIA PP International School
Citylink Transportation (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Clear Cambodia
Clinic Rhac
Clinton Health Access Initiative - CHAI
Community Care First Organization
Conservation International
Co-Operative Association of Cambodia
CP B&F (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Credit Union Foundation Australia
Crown Resorts Co., Ltd.
CYS Pharma Co., Ltd
D F D L Mekong (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Daystar International School
DB Schenker (Cambodia) Limited
DCMI Roselle Ariya Co.,Ltd
Deloitte (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
DEV (Khmer) S.A.R.L
Development and Partnership in Action
Dewey International Co., Ltd.
Digital Connectivity, Co. LTD
Dufry ( Cambodia ) Ltd.
Dutch Mill Group
Easia Travel Cambodia
Ecotech M.E.P Solution Company Limited
Eduinvest International Co., Ltd.
EGBOK (Everything’s Gonna Be OK) Mission
Elite Hospitality & Trading Co., Ltd.
ELT Education Co.,Ltd.
Emario Shonan Marine Corporation Ltd
Employment & Entrepreneurship Training Angkor Siem Reap
EnergyLab Cambodia
Enfants d'Asie
Enfants du Mékong
Entrepreneurship Promotion Center
EP Logistics Co., Ltd.
Essilor (Cambodia) Ltd.
Fauna & Flora International, Cambodia Programme
Fedrice Battambang Ltd
Feedpro Kh Co., Ltd
FHI 360
First Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch
First Step Cambodia
First-Class Solutions Ltd.
Focus Travel Cambodia
Food Republic Cambodia
Foundation for International Development/Relief
Friends International
FSGL (Cambodia) Logistics & Consultancy Co., Ltd.
GBCI Ventures Plc.
Getwell Life Science Co., Ltd.
GIA Tower
GIZ Office Phnom Penh
Global Action for Environment Awareness Public Limited Company
Golden B.S.T Concrete Co., Ltd
Golden Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Good Hands
Good Return
Grand Khmer Trading Agency Co., Ltd
H.I Micro-Insurance Plc.
H.V Golden Realty Co., Ltd.
Handa Advisory
Harrods Investment Corporation
Hattha Kaksekar Limited
HD&S Media Group
Health and Social Development
Health Poverty Action
Health Profession Councils Joint Secretariat
Heart of Hope Cambodia
Hebron Medical Center
Heifer International - Cambodia
HelpAge Cambodia
HLH Agriculture (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Holt International
Home of English International School
Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLC
Hongs One (Cambodia) Garment Co.,Ltd.
Hope for Justice
HOPE Worldwide Medical Center
HSC Co., Ltd
HSC Decor Center Co., Ltd.
Humanity & Inclusion
Hyundai Agro (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Hyundai Mao legacy Co., Ltd
iDE Cambodia
IDP Education (Cambodia) Limited
I-Finance Leasing PLC.
Indigenous Community Support Organization
Indochina Partner Travel Co.,Ltd.
Indochina Services
Indochina Starfish Foundation
Inovar (Cambodia) Pte. Ltd.
Institut Pasteur du Cambodge
International Organization for Migration
Japan International Volunteer Center
Japan Team of Young Human Power
Java Cafe
Jesse Lee Orndorff Co., Ltd
Jesuit Service Cambodia
Jetto International (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd
Jotun (Cambodia) Ltd
Journeys Within Our Community
JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.
Kamboo Project Organization
Kampuchea Action to Promote Education Organization
Kampuchea Food Corporation Co., Ltd
Kamworks Ltd
KCP (Cambodia) Ltd.
Kdei Karuna Organizaiton
Khmer Capital Microfinance Institution Plc.
Khmer Plus Computer
Kids World International School
Kingdom Breweries (Cambodia) Ltd.
Kirirom Food Production (K.F.P) Co., Ltd.
KK Fund Leasing Plc.
KMG (Restaurant)
Knight Frank (Cambodia) Pte Ltd
KOFI Co., Ltd.
Koline Pisey Co., Ltd.
Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc.
Korea International Cooperation Agency
Kou Hun Chea Import Export Co., Ltd.
Kourprey Creative Solutions Co.,Ltd
K-Pack Industrial Bavet Co., Ltd
KPMG Cambodia Ltd.
Kredit MFI
Krepo Finance Plc
Kyeryong Constrution Industrial Co., Ltd.
L.S.S.C Trading Co., Ltd.
Larryta Express
Let Us Create Futures
Li & Fung (Cambodia) Limited
Lim Kok Wing International University Co., ltd
LOLC (Cambodia) Plc.
Lotus Broadcasting Services Co., Ltd
Lotus World Children Center
Louvain Cooperation au Developpement
Ly Hour Microfinance Institution Plc.
M’Lop Tapang
M’lup Russey Organization
MAA Architecture and Design
Manulife (Cambodia) PLC
MAR & Associates Law Firm
Marie Stopes International Cambodia
Maximum Business Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Maybank (Cambodia) Plc.
Medecins Sans Frontieres - France
Media Universal Services
Medicom Co., Ltd
MediGroup Asia Ltd.
Messenger Band
Mines Advisory Group
Ming Wuoy Group
Ministry of Economy and Finance
Ministry of Tourism
Mith Samlanh
Mixtra Electrical Material Supply, Ltd
MOHANOKOR Microfinance Plc.
National Center for TB and Leprosy Control (CENAT)
New Hope Cambodia
Nexus-Carbon for Development
Nickol Global Solutions
Nippon Express (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
NIRA International School
ODI Asia Co., Ltd
Oknha Mong Port Co., Ltd.
Ontario Education (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Oxley Worldbridge Specialized Bank PLc.
P A T Professional Limited
Pact Cambodia
Palace Gate Hotel & Resort
Pantos Logistics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
Partners for Development in Action
Passerelles numeriques Cambodia
Pate Mey Mey 989 Handicraft
People In Need
PEPY Empowering Youth
PF Premium Food
Phalitakam Raksmey Hang Meas Video
Phillip Bank Plc
Phnom Penh Precast Plants Co., Ltd
Planète Enfants & Développement
Poise Mera
Ponheary Ly Foundation Organization
Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkhum
Population Services International Cambodia
Precision Cars (Cambodia) Limited
PREMIUM Human Resources Co.,Ltd
Prevoir (Kampuchea) Micro Life Insurance Plc
PRIMEX International Co., Ltd
Prince Bank Plc.
Princess Clinic
Projects Abroad Cambodia
Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC.
R.A.K Ceramic Center Co., Ltd
Ratanak International
Raymond Thornton Yager Trading As Sahaa Beach Resort
REAL World Adventures
Representative Office of AMS Bridge Blue Pty.Ltd
Representative Office of Nestle (Thai) Ltd.
Richardsons Management Co., Ltd.
RK Lifecare Co., Ltd
Rohto Mentholatum (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Romduol Real Estate
Rong Xing Real Estate
Royal Cambodian Limousine Service Co., Ltd.
Royal Elite Education Co.,Ltd
Rural Entrepreneurship and Market Inclusion in Cambodia
S B K Research and Development Co., Ltd.
S T E P Centre Co., Ltd
S.E.A.T.S Inc.
Sabay Credit Commercial PLC
Safe Motor Co., Ltd.
Safetynet Insurance Services (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Saint Paul Institute
Salvation Centre Cambodia
Sambo's Tots Early Years Playhouse & Playschool Co., Ltd.
Sansom Mlup Prey
Sathapana Bank Plc.
Save Cambodia’s Wildlife
Save the Children
Scazma (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
SCS Global Consulting (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Seco Power Asia Co., Ltd.
SHA Transport Express Co.,Ltd
Shift 360 Foundation
Sikoung Ung
Singapore Medical Center (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Sing-Specialists Medical Centre
Skyline Boutique Hotel
Smiling Gecko Cambodia
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Song Saa Foundation.Org
Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital
Sor Voeuth Co., Ltd.
Sorla Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Southbridge International School (Cambodia) Limited
Spacelogic International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Sunny Park's Door & Window Co., Ltd
Support Her Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Swisscontact Cambodia
T.B Tax Services Co., Ltd.
Te Y Hay
Team Sambath Investment Co., Ltd.
Terre des Hommes Netherlands
TeukSaat 1001
TH CVS Co., Ltd
The Asia Foundation
The Association of Banks in Cambodia
The Australia Cambodia Foundation Inc.
The Cambodia Development Resource Institute
The Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights
The Fair Manufacturing Company Ltd
The Guardian School of Phnom Penh
The HALO Trust Cambodia
The Johanniter
The NGO Forum on Cambodia
The Open Institute
The Wine Merchants Co., Ltd.
This Life Cambodia
Threeland Travel
Tomato Specialized Bank
Toutes a l’ecole
Trans Star Freight Pte., Ltd
Transparency International Cambodia
TWPC Investment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
U.S. Embassy
Unident Co. Ltd
Unilever (Cambodia) Limited
Union Commercial Bank Public Limited Corporation " UCB . PLC"
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Unity Freight Solutions Co., Ltd
University Capacity Building Programme
University of Health Sciences
University of Puthisastra Co., Ltd
University of South-East Asia
Uy Sing Investment Co., Ltd.
VDB Loi Limited
Versita Software
Vivath Golden Finance Plc.
VR Event Planner Co., Ltd.
VSO Cambodia
VSTECS (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Vtrust Appraisal Co.,Ltd.
Water for Cambodia
WaterSHED Ventures
We World-GVC
Western International School Plc.
Westland International School
Wildlife Alliance
Wildlife Conservation Society
World Education Cambodia
World Vision International
Worldbridge Outsourcing Solutions Co., Ltd
Yakumo F&B Co.,Ltd
YHS (Cambodia) Food & Beverage Pte Ltd (Yeo's)
Yong Sheng Global Trading Co., Ltd.
Youth Star Cambodia
Zando Co., Ltd

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