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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
50320 Tax Consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cambodia) Ltd.   Accounting / Finance  
50329 ភ្នាក់ងារឥណទាន, ភ្នាក់ងាររក្សាសណ្ដាប់ធ្នាប់ការិយាល័យ, និង អ្នកអនាម័យ Key Micro Finance Institution Plc.   Accounting / Finance, Home Help/Labour, Security  
50334 Cambodia Operations Manager LaborVoices, Inc   Execute. / Management  
50364 Call for Proposals Research and Innovation Grants Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)   Call for Proposals  
50383 ​មន្រ្តីដោះស្រាយបំណុល​ និង ​មន្រ្តីឥណទានជាន់ខ្ពស់​ ANDET   Accounting / Finance, Business Administration, Economics  
50391 ICS Youth Project Manager VSO Cambodia (VSO)   Execute. / Management, Capacity development  
50399 School Health Educator Caring for Cambodia   Health/Medical  
50446 Director, Deputy Director of Human Resources & Administration and Deputy Director of Monitoring & Protection The Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO)   Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Law  
50514 Reservation Officer (Urgently!!!) H.I.S. (Cambodia) Travel Co., Ltd.   Customer Service/Support, Communications  
50596 Administrative Manager & Administrative Assistant, Sales Manager & Sales Assistants and Inventory Manager & Inventory Assistant Trinity Getrank Company Ltd   Execute. / Management, Manufacture / Operations, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration  
50597 Driver Manager and Driver Daily Transport Car Rental Service Co.,Ltd   Driving/Transport, Execute. / Management  
50682 Trade Marketing Representatives British American Tobacco (Cambodia) Limited   Sales / Marketing  
50683 Area Sales Managers British American Tobacco (Cambodia) Limited   Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing  
50692 Boutique Seller J. Eli Trading Co., Ltd   Customer Service/Support, Sales / Marketing  
50693 Visa Application, Inbound Tour Operator, and Ticketing Staff MSK Travel   Sales / Marketing, Tourism, Communications  
50716 មន្រ្តីបណ្តុះបណ្តាលអតិថិជនតាមសហគមន៌(Community Training Officer) and Admin & Accounting Officer SOVANN PHOUM ORGANIZATION   Accounting / Finance, Research / Development  
50721 Head of Accounting, Accountant and Marketing Officer TANG BUN CHHENG   Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing  
50722 មន្រ្តីសវនករផ្ទៃក្នុង​ ANDET   Accounting / Finance  
50725 Volunteer Finance Mith Samlanh   Accounting / Finance, Volunteer  
50734 Office Administration Clerk , Customs Declarant and Childcare / Housekeeper BIK ENTERPRISES (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.   Customer Service/Support, Home Help/Labour, Business Administration, Child Care  
50744 Entomology Platform Manager Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC)   Execute. / Management  
50753 Tax Senior Consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cambodia) Ltd.   Consultancy  
50779 Various Positions United Mercury Group   Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing  
50781 Various Positions Garuda Realty   Execute. / Management, Research / Development, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Communications  
50802 Social Work Team Manager and Social Workers RIVERKIDS FOUNDATION   Execute. / Management, Social Work  
50813 Transformational Development Facilitator World Vision Cambodia   Educate/Train/Teaching  
50816 Various Positions Amret   Computer - General, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Law, Economics  
50299 មន្ត្រីឥណទាន RURAL AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION 5-Oct-2015  Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Economics  
50336 Inspector Footwear Adidas Sourcing Ltd., Cambodia 5-Oct-2015  Engineering  
50526 Provincial Project Manager (PPM) of ICD Programme and Assistant Provincial Project Manager (APPM) of ICD Programme Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) 5-Oct-2015  Agriculture, Rural development, Resources & Environment  
50529 Finance/Admin Manager (FAM) Khmer Youth and Social Development (KYSD) 5-Oct-2015  Accounting / Finance  
50542 Various Positions National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control (CENAT) 5-Oct-2015  Accounting / Finance, Health/Medical, Business Administration, Community Development  
50569 ប្រកាសដេញថ្លៃ​ទិញ ​SERVER (Bidding for a set Server Computer) SNV Netherlands Development Organisation 5-Oct-2015  Invitation for Bids  
50584 Community Officer Australia Cambodia Foundation 5-Oct-2015  Community Development  
50599 Assistant Radio Producer BBC Media Action 5-Oct-2015  Assistant, Media  
50606 Rattan & Bamboo Project Officer WWF 5-Oct-2015  Agriculture, Execute. / Management  
50628 Program Manager Kampuchean Action for Primary Education 5-Oct-2015  Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management  
50709 Construction Site Manager Life With Dignity (LWD) 5-Oct-2015  Engineering, Architecture, Construction  
50715 Internship The Asia Foundation (TAF) 5-Oct-2015  Internship  
50719 Senior Project Manager –Social Accountability Framework World Vision Cambodia 5-Oct-2015  Execute. / Management, Law  
50728 Various Positions BBC Media Action 5-Oct-2015  Media, Arts / Graphic Design  
50322 ដំណឹងជ្រើសរើសទន្តបណ្ឌិត និង ជំនួយការទន្តបណ្ឌិតធ្វើការពេញម៉ោង Mekong Dental Clinic 6-Oct-2015  Health/Medical  
50605 Conservation Programme Manager WWF 6-Oct-2015  Execute. / Management  
50627 Assistant (Urgent) Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) 6-Oct-2015  Assistant  
50680 Branchless Banking Support Officer and មន្ត្រីទំនាក់ទំនងអតិថិជន រៀនសូត្រ (Customer Relationship Officer Intern) AMK Microfinance Institution Plc (AMK) 6-Oct-2015  Customer Service/Support, Sales / Marketing, Communications  
50311 Mobile Sale Staff Pan Cambodian Lottery Corporation Limited 7-Oct-2015  Sales / Marketing  
50314 Top Salaries for App/Web Developers Pathmazing Inc 7-Oct-2015  Computer - General, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming  
50315 មន្រ្តីឥណទាន (២៧នាក់) Vivat Business Development Agency 7-Oct-2015  Accounting / Finance  
50316 Credit Officers Cambodian Organization for Research and Development (CORD) 7-Oct-2015  Accounting / Finance  
50319 Medical Representative (Pharma Products), Sales Representative and Sales Supervisor (Pharma Division) Urgent Zifam Sudima Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd 7-Oct-2015  Execute. / Management, Health/Medical, Sales / Marketing  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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