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BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
56769 Various Positions KE-WIN Management 26-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Computer - General, Customer Service/Support, Execute. / Management, Hotel/Restaurant, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, Architecture, Arts / Graphic Design, Construction  
56755 General Manager International Youth Sport Club 25-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Business Administration  
56753 Various Positions Hongkong Land (Premium Investments) Limited 26-Aug-2016  Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Customer Service/Support, Execute. / Management, Other, Business Administration, Law, Communications  
56626 Senior Web Developer and Web Development Officer Krawma 19-Aug-2016  Computer - General, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming  
56850 ប្រធានគ្រប់គ្រងគំរោងកម្មវិធីអភិវឌ្ឍន៍សហគមន៍ចំរុះ ​និង អ្នកសម្របសម្រួលអភិវឌ្ឍន៍សហគមន៍ៈ Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) 15-Aug-2016  Agriculture, Rural development  
56849 Credit Analyst, Secretary to General Manager, and Risk & Compliance Officer Cambodian Commercial Bank Limited 19-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Other, Business Administration, Law, Economics  
56848 Driver/Logistic Assistant Swiss Red Cross 29-Aug-2016  Assistant, Driving/Transport  
56847 Doctor or Nurse Socfin-KCD 29-Aug-2016  Health/Medical  
56846 Project Officer Puthi Komar Organization (PKO) 7-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Communications  
56845 Driver United Nations Industrial Development Organization 8-Aug-2016  Driving/Transport  
56844 Medical Biologist Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC)   Health/Medical  
56843 Translator (Female Only)
Hope for Justice 28-Aug-2016  Translation / Interpretation  
56842 អ្នកប្រតិបត្តិការមេកានិច (Mechanical Operator) Mines Advisory Group (MAG) 17-Aug-2016  Advisory  
56841 Accountant Women organization for Modern Economy and Nursing (WOMEN) 10-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance  
56840 Human Resource Assistant, និង អ្នកបើកបររថយន្ត FH Cambodia   Assistant, Driving/Transport, Other, Communications, HR  
56839 Administration Officer, and Accounting Assistant and Cashier FH Cambodia 12-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Admin / Supervisory, Assistant, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Communications  
56838 Information Technology (IT) Staff Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc. (KB) 29-Aug-2016  Computer - General, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming  
56837 Accounting Officer and System Programming Officer Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. (CATS)   Accounting / Finance, Engineering, Computer - Programming  
56836 Associate Manager in Education Team, and Water Supply Team Field Staff Good Hands for Global 29-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Other  
56835 Consultancy for Deaf Education
Krousar Thmey (KTM) 15-Aug-2016  Consultancy  
56834 Marketing Officer World Vision International 17-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, Communications  
56833 Marketing Manager World Vision International 19-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing  
56832 Intern – Logistic and Procurement Save the Children 14-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Business Administration  
56831 Sale Assistant Grasshopper Adventures 10-Aug-2016  Assistant, Customer Service/Support, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration  
56830 Project Assistant, Community Facilitator, and Branch Office Assistant Legal Aid of Cambodia (LAC) 4-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Law, Social Work  
56829 Web & IT Technician
Equitable Cambodia (EC) 16-Aug-2016  Computer - General, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming  
56828 Senior Internal Auditor, and Credit Officer
Microfinance Amatak Capital Plc. 29-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Other, Business Administration, Economics  
56827 Clothing Merchandiser and Accounting Assistant Calacam Investment Co., Ltd 29-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Manufacture / Operations, Business Administration  
56826 Various Positions University of Puthisastra (UP)   Computer - General, Educate/Train/Teaching, Execute. / Management, Health/Medical, Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming, HR, Arts / Graphic Design  
56825 Trainee Milvik(Cambodia)Micro Insurance Plc. (BIMA) 29-Aug-2016  Training / Workshops  
56824 Finance Manager Milvik(Cambodia)Micro Insurance Plc. (BIMA) 29-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management  
56823 Call Center-Outbound Milvik(Cambodia)Micro Insurance Plc. (BIMA) 29-Aug-2016  Sales / Marketing, Communications  
56822 Communications Adviser Palladium (Cambodia) Ltd. 7-Aug-2016  Media, Other, Communications, Advisory  
56821 Project Coordinator – Teaching, Journalism, Law & Human Rights, Business Projects Abroad Cambodia 12-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Law  
56820 មន្រ្តីឥណទាន
Farmer Economic Development Organization 29-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing  
56819 Communications Volunteer Oxfam Novib 8-Aug-2016  Communications, Volunteer  
56818 Area Sale Manager, E-Card Sale Executive, and Lube Sale Executive SOKIMEX Petroleum 28-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Other, Business Administration  
56817 Structural Engineer Sophal Holding Co.,Ltd 28-Aug-2016  Engineering  
56816 Development Manager Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS) 12-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Research / Development, Business Administration, Community Development, Monitoring & Evaluation  
56815 Receptionist International Labour Organisation (ILO) 12-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Customer Service/Support  
56814 美工, 电工, 会计, 招商主管 宏泰有限公司 28-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Other, Communications, Arts / Graphic Design  
56813 Sale Representative, and Account Intern L.S.S.C Trading Co., Ltd   Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing, Communications, Internship  
56812 Various Positions Sinh Hak Hout Home Mart 28-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management, Sales / Marketing, Business Administration, HR, Arts / Graphic Design  
56811 Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) Officer-Evaluation World Vision International 10-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Research / Development, Other, Social Work  
56810 Senior Design Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) Officer World Vision International 5-Aug-2016  Execute. / Management, Other, Monitoring & Evaluation  
56809 មន្រ្តីឥណទានសហគមន៍ Mongkol Development Association 28-Aug-2016  Community Development  
56808 Field Supervisor, and National Project Coordinator (NPC) Helen Keller International, Cambodia 15-Aug-2016  Admin / Supervisory, Agriculture, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Rural development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Communications  
56807 Internal Audit Unit Manager, Internal Audit Officer, and Senior WASH Officer AMK Microfinance Institution Plc (AMK) 12-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Engineering, Execute. / Management, Business Administration, Economics, Construction  
56806 Business Analyst, and Risk and Quality Control Officer Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLC 12-Aug-2016  Accounting / Finance, Execute. / Management, Other, Business Administration, Law  
56805 Sponsor Relations Officer, and English Teacher Cambodian Children's Fund 12-Aug-2016  Educate/Train/Teaching, Other  
BongThom-ID  Job Title  Company Name  Closing Date  Category
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