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Information Resources Management Assistant (Announcement No.: 010-12) with U.S. Embassy
NOTE: The closing date for this position has already passed

U.S. EmbassyPhnom Penhseekingindividualthe positionInformation Resources Management Assistantthe Information Resources Management (IRM) Office.

OPEN TO: U.S. Citizen Local Residents (Applicant must haverequired work permitresidency permitsstay)
POSITION: Information Resources Management Assistant
OPENING DATE: February 29, 2012
CLOSING DATE: March 14, 2012
CLEARANCE: Top Secret Clearance (A successful candidate mustableobtainholdsecurity clearancerequiredthe position)
WORK HOURS: Full-time 40 hours/week
GRADE/SALARY: FSN-9/US$15,130 annually (minimum starting salary)
ENGTH OF HIRE: Fixed-Term: Notexceed 2 years fromdateemployment

jobholder provides Information Technology (IT) supportthe Embassy. S/he assistsInformation Program Officerproviding timely support onfull rangeInformation Technology, diplomatic pouch,telecommunications network.

Information Resources Management Assistant
  • Category: Computer - Networking, Computer - Programming
  • Location: Phnom Penh
  • Schedule: Full-time
Duties + Requirements
Information Resources Management Assistant
  • All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
    • Three years’ professional IT experience within the past five years
    • Level IV (fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing English. Language proficiency will be tested
    • Must have thorough knowledge of information technology, information security, problem and solution tracking procedures, telecommunications, off-the-shelf software, radio and telephone systems and a strong knowledge of the Microsoft Office application suite
    • Must be able to troubleshoot IT software and hardware problems for both client workstations and servers. Must have a valid Cambodian driver’s license

Application Information

When fully qualified, US Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFMs)US Veterans are given preference.  Therefore, itessential thatcandidate specifically addressrequired qualifications above inapplication.


  1. Management will consider nepotism/conflictinterest, budget,residency statusdetermining successful candidacy.  
  2. Current employees servingprobationary period areeligibleapply.
  3. Current Ordinarily Resident employeesan Overall Summary RatingNeeds ImprovementUnsatisfactorytheir most recent Employee Performance Report areeligibleapply.
  4. Currently employed US Citizen EFMs who holdFamily Member Appointment (FMA) are ineligibleapplyadvertised positions withinfirst 90 calendar daystheir employment.
  5. Currently employed NORs hired underPersonal Services Agreement (PSA) are ineligibleapplyadvertised positions withinfirst 90 calendar daystheir employment unless currently hired intoposition withWhen Actually Employed (WAE) work schedule.

Interested candidatesthis position must submitfollowingconsiderationthe application: 

  1. Universal ApplicationEmploymenta Locally Employed StaffFamily Member (DS-174). Only Form DS-174 shouldsubmittedconsideration. Therean email size limitadditional attachments may prevent your emailbeing successfully delivered. All other documentation canprovided at timeEnglish testinginterviewqualified candidates. formavailable at http://cambodia.usembassy.gov/employment_opportunities.html
  2. Candidates who claim US Veterans preference must providecopytheir Form DD-214their application.  Candidates who claim conditional US Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility forconditional preferencehiringtheir application.

SUBMIT APPLICATION TO: RecruitmentPHP@state.gov


1. Eligible Family Member (EFM):  An individual relateda US Government employeeonethe following ways:

  • Spousesame-sex domestic partner (as defined3 FAM 1610);
  • Child, whounmarriedunder 21 yearsage or, regardlessage,incapableself-support.  term shall include,additionnatural offspring, stepchildrenadopted childrenthose under legal guardianshipthe employee orspousesuch children are expectedbe under such legal guardianship until they reach 21 yearsagewhen dependent uponnormally residingthe guardian; 
  • Parent (including stepparentslegally adoptive parents)the employee orthe spouse,such parentat least 51 percent dependent onemployeesupport;
  • Sisterbrother (including stepsistersstepbrothers,adoptive sistersbrothers)the employee, orthe spouse,such siblingat least 51 percent dependent onemployeesupport, unmarried,under 21 yearsage,regardlessage, incapableself-support.

2.  US Citizen Eligible Family Member (USEFM):  For purposesreceivingpreferencehiring forqualified position,EFM who meetsfollowing criteria:

  • US Citizen; and,
  • EFM (see above) at least 18 years old; and,
  • Listed ontravel ordersa direct-hire Foreign, Civil,uniformed service member assignedor stationed abroad withUSG agency thatunder COM authority,atofficethe American InstituteTaiwan;either:
    1. Resides atsponsoring employee'suniformed service member's postassignment abroadatofficethe American InstituteTaiwan; or
    2. Resides atInvoluntary Separate Maintenance Allowance (ISMA) location authorized under 3 FAM 3232.2.

3. Appointment Eligible Family Member (AEFM):  EFM (see above) eligible forFamily Member AppointmentpurposesMission employment: 

  • IsU.S. citizen; and
  • Spousesame-sex domestic partner (as defined3 FAM 1610) orchildthe sponsoring employee whounmarriedat least 18 years old; and
  • Is listed ontravel ordersapproved Form OF-126, Foreign Service ResidenceDependency Report,a sponsoring employee, i.e.,direct-hire Foreign Service, Civil Service,uniformed service member whopermanently assignedor stationed abroad atU.S. mission,atofficethe American InstituteTaiwan (AIT),whounder chiefmission authority; and
  • Is residing atsponsoring employee's postassignment abroad or,appropriate, officethe American InstituteTaiwan.
  • DoesreceiveForeign ServiceCivil Service annuity

4.  MemberHousehold (MOH):  An individual who accompanies a  direct-hire Foreign, Civil,uniformed service member permanently assignedstationed atU.S. Foreign Service postestablishment abroad,atofficethe American InstituteTaiwan.  An MOH is:

  • NotEFM; and,
  • Not ontravel ordersthe sponsoring employee; and,
  • Has been officially declared bysponsoring USG employeethe COMparthis/her household.

A MOHunder COM authoritymay includeparent, unmarried partner, other relativeadult child who falls outsideDepartment’s current legalstatutory definitionfamily member.  A MOH doeshavebeUS Citizen.

5. Not Ordinarily Resident (NOR) – An individual who:

  • Is notcitizenthe host country; and,
  • Doesordinarily reside (OR, see below) inhost country; and,
  • Issubjecthost country employmenttax laws; and,
  • HasUS Social Security Number (SSN). 

NOR employees are compensated underGSFS salary schedule,underLCP.

6. Ordinarily Resident (OR) – A Foreign NationalUS citizen who:

  • Is locally resident; and,
  • Has legal, permanent resident status withinhost country; and, 
  • Is subjecthost country employmenttax laws. 

EFMs without US Social Security Numbers are also OR.  All OR employees, including US citizens, are compensatedaccordancethe Local Compensation Plan (LCP).


US MissionPhnom Penh provides equal opportunityfairequitable treatmentemploymentall people without regardrace, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status,sexual orientation.  DepartmentState also strivesachieve equal employment opportunity inpersonnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

EEO complaint procedurenot availableindividuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital statuspolitical affiliation.  Individualssuch complaints should avail themselvesthe appropriate grievance procedures, remediesprohibited personnel practices, and/or courtsrelief.

Closing Date
Contact Details

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