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Chapter: Phonetics

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Example A English
Example B English
a 'a' in calm or ha-ha or the a in Spanish mas kat to cut sa-ich meat
â 'a' in calm but lengthened tâm to follow slâp wing
a-ee 'i' in bite da-ee hand th*a-ee Thai
â-ee 'i' in bite bâ-ee cooked rice m'dâ-ee mother
a-e 'a' in ha-ha followed by the e in get ta-e only da-e also
a-uh 'a' in ha-ha followed by the a in sofa ta-uh question word ha-uhy already
a-o 'a' in ha-ha followed by the aw in law a-oy to give ma-ong hour
a-oo 'ow' in how m'sa-oo flour kra-oo outside
aw 'aw' in law dawp ten sawk hair
âw 'aw' in law but lengthened l'âw good tâwp answer
ay 'a' in may but shorter (occurs before uh: see ay-uh) no example no example no example no example
ây 'ay' in may kây they mâyk sky
ay-uh 'ay' in may followed by the a in sofa nay-uhk person tay-uhng all
b 'b' in bit, but stronger bân to get buht to close
ch 'ch' in chin but without aspiration cham to wait choo-uhy to help
chh* 'ch' in chin chh*at umbrella chh*'ngâ-ee far
d 'd' in din, but stronger dam to cook (rice) da-oy by
e 'e' in get cheH to know how to do seH horse
ê 'e' in get, but longer pêng cup krê bed
f 'f' in foot foang herd fil film
ee 'ee' in see pee from perkmee license
ee-uh 'ee' in see, followed by the a in sofa ree-uhn to study lee-uh to say goodbye
eu 'u' in put but with the lips spread as for the sound of i in pin keut to think preuk morning
'u' in put but with the lips spread as for the sound of i in pin and is lengthened chh*eû sick leû to hear
eu-uh 'u' in put but with the lips spread as for the sound of i in pin, followed by the a in sofa reu-uhng story leu-uhn fast
g 'g' in get or go geetâ guitar guh-raH lân garage
h 'h' in hat hawH to fly hee-uhn to dare
H 'h' in hat but is fully pronounced at the end of a word cheH to know how to do guh-raH lân garage
i 'i' in bit aprik Africa niH this
k 'k' in skate kat to cut koa cow
kh* 'k' in Kate or coat kh*a-e month kh*âng sub-district
l 'l' in lose or lute lâyk number pul poisoned
m 'm' in moon or room moo-uhl to twist mo-at mouth
n 'n' in no or sun neung and bân to get
ny 'ny' in canyon nyûh sweat nyam to eat
ng 'ng' in song ngee-ây easy ngongeut dark
o 'o' in note chong end bon festival
oa 'oa' in boat or ow in bowl koan child toaH guilt, blame
o-a 'o' in note quickly followed by the a in la mo-an chicken ko-at he/she
oo 'oo' in boot yoo late ph*oom village
oo-uh 'oo' in boot followed by the a in sofa soo-uh to ask doo-uhl fall over
p 'p' in spin pum not pâyl time
ph* 'p' in pin ph*lee-uhng rain ph*ee-uhsâ language
r 'r' in very ree-uhn to study ruy a fly
s 's' in sit soam please see to eat
t 't' in stun took boat tâm to follow
th* 't' in ton th*om big th*vûh to do/work
u 'u' in put muk face chum-ree-uhp to inform, greet
u-uh 'u' in put but very short followed quickly by the a in sofa pu-uhH stomach; snake chru-uhk pickled vegetables
uh 'a' in sofa kuhn to grind duhng to know
ûh 'a' in sofa but lengthened lûh on kh*ûh-in to see
uh-ee 'a' in sofa followed quickly by the ee in see buh-ee three kh*luh-ee short
uh-oo 'a' in sofa quickly followed by a sound close to the oo in boot tuh-oo go nuh-oo to be located at
v ' v ' in vote but is more like the w in we when following a consonant vee-uhl field uh-vuhee what
y 'y' in yes yum to cry yoo late
z 'z' in zoo boozee spark plug no example no example

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